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The visits of senior officials to exhibitions, accompanied by industry leaders, have always been an opportunity to enhance awareness, exchange information, and address needs and issues in various industries. One of these visits was made by Dr. Mukhber, the First Vice President, accompanied by Dr. Dehghani Firouzabadi, the Vice President of Science, Technology, and Innovation of the President, to the Medical Equipment Exhibition at Pardis Technology Park and the booth of Iranian Tissue Product Company. The company introduced its activities and the applications of its produced allograft products in the healthcare industry.

Iranian Tissue Product Company hosted one of the medical equipment companies in this visit, demonstrating its significant role in providing healthcare services to patients through the production of allograft products (human-derived tissue grafts).

Furthermore, during this visit, Dr. Dehghani Firouzabadi, the Vice President of Science, Technology, and Innovation of the Presidency, listened attentively to the explanations regarding the needs and demands of active companies in the field of medical equipment production and allograft industry.

The presence of responsible officials of country in such events not only contributes to the advancement of knowledge and awareness of innovation and new technologies but also provides an opportunity to analyze and address the needs and issues existing in industries. These actions help the development and improvement of the country’s situation and demonstrate that with the support and attention of responsible officials, active knowledge-based companies in the health and medical field can play a significant role in enhancing the community’s health level.

Such visits inspire hope for the progress and development of the country’s healthcare industry to the stakeholders in this industry. In addition to this, it shows the belief and trust of responsible officials in the capabilities and power of the private sector and active companies in this field.

We eagerly hope that such events and visits by officials will further contribute to the advancement of the knowledge-based healthcare industry and the overall health level of the community.

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