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▪️MBA Cortical Plate▪️

The presentation of the cortical plate product of REGEN and its technical utilization tutorial by Dr. Shahab Mohammadi

━───────╮Regen╭──────━                                                                                                                             . 

The allograft Mineralized and freeze-dried cortical plate bone is derived from cortical bones. Mineralized bone matrixes would provide a biocompatible and osteoconductive environment which facilitates new bone formation. This product is used for reinforcement of bone in dentistry, periodontology, and maxillofacial surgery as well as for dorsum (the nose bridge) in rhinoplasty.

Dr Shahab Mohammadi is graduated from University of Tehran in the field of dentistry and obtained an international degree in cosmetic dentistry from UCLA. Membership in the World Academy of Implants, membership in the American Academy of Dentists, and cooperation with many prestigious global companies, including Zimmer of America, are some of his honors.


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