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The Iranian Tissue Product Company was established with scientific and executive supports of the faculty members and specialists from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 2012. The company works under the Medical Equipment Development Center of the university. Following great success made in the production and presentation of allograft products in Iran, the company started producing allograft products by implementation and naturalization of modern sciences and application of international standards. The required licenses for exploitation and production activity are obtained from the National Medical Device Directorate of Iranian Food and Drug Administration and Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade. An ISO 13485:2016 standard is also obtained from the AQC validation company. The company products are the treatment of choice and gold standard in human body tissue lesion reconstructions (soft tissue and bone). They are utilized as scaffolds, volumizing agents, and biologic dressings in different medical fields. They have various applications in different medical specialities and fields, including orthopaedic and spinal repair surgery, burning repair and plastic surgery, ENT and rhinoplasty, maxillofacial surgery and dentistry, dermatology, etc. The final product cost includes just the processing and production expenditures because the tissues are obtained from donors, so the product application is cheap and cost-effective. The quality, effectiveness, and safety of the products is guaranteed by following the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) standards and protocols, continuous regulations by competent bodies and the quality control and assurance unit, and selection of healthy tissues from Iranian donors.


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