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Acellular Dermis Membrane

The acellular dermis membrane contains basement membrane on one of its surfaces. It can provide a dense and impenetrable layer against microorganism and pathogen penetration into deeper layers. So the membrane surface can stay exposed in high-perfused tissue of the oral cavity. The product origin is the collagen membrane (skin dermal layer), which consists of strong collagen type I and III fibers that strengthen the product, and also elastic fibers causing flexibility. This collagen membrane results in product's unique features.

Cartilage & Septum

Our allogenous donated tissue Cartilages are derived from meticulously selected human costal cartilage or nasal septum sources. Through a rigorous processing procedure, these cartilages are transformed into high-quality slices that are soaked in alcohol and radiated. To ensure ease of use and optimal formability, our product is thoughtfully packaged in three-layered packages. Extensive research and a wealth of references consistently highlight the impressive durability of our allogenous radiated cartilage products. In fact, studies indicate that these products exhibit a remarkable durability rate of approximately 80%, surpassing even the durability of autografts. This outstanding durability is a testament to the meticulous processing methods employed during production. This product offer a comprehensive solution for a wide range of surgical applications. Whether used in reconstructive procedures or as a support structure for grafting, our cartilages provide excellent structural integrity and longevity. Surgeons and medical professionals can rely on the high-quality and reliable performance of our cartilage products.

Fascia Lata

The product is processed from human Fascia Lata and is available as lyophilized, radiated products in various sizes. Due to its flexibility, adhesiveness, and biocompatibility, it can easily be used at the operation site and causes volume enhancement and mechanical strength.