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Cartilage & Septum

Our allogenous donated tissue Cartilages are derived from meticulously selected human costal cartilage or nasal septum sources. Through a rigorous processing procedure, these cartilages are transformed into high-quality slices that are soaked in alcohol and radiated. To ensure ease of use and optimal formability, our product is thoughtfully packaged in three-layered packages. Extensive research and a wealth of references consistently highlight the impressive durability of our allogenous radiated cartilage products. In fact, studies indicate that these products exhibit a remarkable durability rate of approximately 80%, surpassing even the durability of autografts. This outstanding durability is a testament to the meticulous processing methods employed during production. This product offer a comprehensive solution for a wide range of surgical applications. Whether used in reconstructive procedures or as a support structure for grafting, our cartilages provide excellent structural integrity and longevity. Surgeons and medical professionals can rely on the high-quality and reliable performance of our cartilage products.