Implants Immediate Placement Techniques EXCIDA 63

Modern dentistry is witnessing rapid and dynamic changes, bringing new innovations and advancements every day. One of the most important and prominent areas in this field is implant protocols and techniques, which are continually improving and evolving to meet patient expectations in terms of comfort, aesthetics, and shorter treatment periods.
At the recent 63rd Iranian Dental Association (Excida 63) conference in 2024, dentists and implantologists from across the country engaged in discussions and exchanges on new techniques and their optimization. One of the scientific panels of this event featured a presentation by Dr. Mehdi Ekhlasmand, who specifically addressed the topic of Immediate Implant Placement and explained its scientific and practical techniques.
In addition to the scientific discussions at this session, Dr. Farhad Hajizadeh demonstrated a live surgery showcasing the practical techniques of Immediate Implant Placement and the use of allografts. This technique involves placing an implant in a site where a tooth has just been extracted, known as the Fresh Socket technique, and the considerations a surgeon must keep in mind for this method were thoroughly examined. The live surgery also utilized the allograft products of the Dental and Maxillofacial products of Regen Allograft.
Key points in this panel included the use of allograft products, a review of the history and evolution of the Fresh Socket technique, and an examination of its significant progress over time, leading to improved treatment outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.
Ultimately, this scientific session not only provided an opportunity for knowledge and experience exchange among dental and implantology specialists but also highlighted the continuous trend of innovation and advancement in dentistry, allograft products, and their usage techniques. To explore more related blog content on the allograft products of the Iranian Tissue Processing Company, you can review other educational videos and written articles in the blog section of the website.

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