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The introduction of Pardis Technology Park and the entrance of the Knowledge enterprise company named Iranian Tissue Product:

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The Pardis technology park is a corporation which is administrated by science and technology specialists. The vital goal of this organization is producing the technology and science which could result in gaining profits significantly.

In retrospect in Iran, with the progress in technology, there was an indubitable demand for constructing techno-parks. In the year 2001, after countless investigations and examinations in Pardis city, the largest technology park in Iran and East Asia had been constructed on ninety thousand square meters of land.

The Iranian Tissue Product company which is one of the largest manufacturers of allograft tissue productions intended to enter the Pardis technology park with adequate knowledge for the aim of evolution and development of the complex as well as its dedicated services to the healthcare society. In addition, because of the factory and industrial units of the organization transmission to Pardis technology park, it is favorable that the difficulties and problems of employees would be tackled consequently. Therefore, by means of acceptable facilities, the development process would be occurred with tranquility.

Since the beginning, with the corporation of group of experts and potential workforce, this organization could manufacture products with the highest efficacy, immunity and function which can conduce in life quality improvements and conservation of the organ of the patients. The manufacture of this heath-oriented products such as heart valve scaffold, Tandon and bone products and body tissue alternatives in reconstructive and plastic surgery, propel the organization to the path of the first grade Knowledge enterprise companies.

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